Extended Learning Tutorials

The Frontier Schools has developed English as a Second Language Program which seeks to provide instructional programs appropriate for each student according to specific background, capabilities, learning styles, interests and aspirations. The English as a Second Language Program has the following goals.

Extended Learning Tutorials

Extended LearningTutorials:
There are several types of tutorial programs at Frontier Schools. Students can attend afterschool, Saturday, and winter/spring tutorial programs. Tutorials are taught by certified teachers who are also teaching during regular school hours. Teachers are supervised and guided by each school’s Dean of Academics. The Deans of Academics are involved in material preparation and lesson plans in both schools. During the tutorials teachers cover basic test taking skills, including reading strategies, inference, text features and elements, literary devices, directions, writing process, conventions, forms of writing, end-of-lesson exercises include selected-response and constructed-response items, building familiarity with the test. Teachers modify their lesson plans during tutorials based on the targeted goals and objectives. Goals and objectives are taught in order during tutorials. Teachers are using Buckle Down Benchmark preparation materials for their lesson plans. The Buckle Down materials is aligned to the both reading and math state standards.

Saturday tutorials:
Saturday tutorials operate in conjunction with other tutorials in school district. As the name implies, this program is structured to operate on Saturday. Students are invited to attend Saturday tutorials based on their scores in Buckle Down Benchmark Form Assessments. School administrators decided to have Saturday school due to the lack of student attention during weekdays. When students attend regular school and afterschool programs, they do get tired and lose their focus on tutorials. Students are expected to arrive with a fresh mind on Saturday morning and receive instructions from their teachers in small groups. The Saturday groups have about 10 students on Saturdays. Students are provided free transportation, breakfast and lunch. Tutorials are funded by NCLB Title 1 Funds.

The purpose of Saturday tutorials is to enhance the performance of our students on MAP tests and EOC assessments and to increase our students’ achievements. As an effort to get the most reliable results possible, it is very important that students become familiar with the format of the MAP tests and the EOC assessments. Bus service, breakfast, and lunch are provided to all students who attend the program. The program starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 p.m. Tutorials are funded by NCLB Title 1 Funds.

Challenge 1 Program
It is an afterschool program. The program starts right after school. The programs are designed to enhance students learning in the hours immediately after school. After School Enhancement programs are two hours long and start 5 minutes after the school is end. The groups meet three days in average in a week throughout the year. Teachers receive 25 dollars per hour and a bonus if the group of kids shows success in statewide assessments. In challenge 1, teachers are choosing 6 students from the list of the students who did not show %40 or more during Buckle Down Benchmark Form A test (first test). The group continues afterschool tutorials until they take state tests. Funded by NCLB Title 1 Funds.

The Winter/Spring Programs. The Winter/Spring Programs operates in conjunction with other tutorials as well. Students who are in tutorials are expected to attend programs during their winter and Spring Break . They 3 to 4 days long.. The programs are designed in addition to the afterschool programs. Students attend 2 hours of math and 2 hours of English Language Art tutorial classes. Transportation, breakfast and lunch are provided during the program. The programs are not generally mandatory but students are highly encouraged to be part of the program.