Application Process
How to Apply?

Frontier Schools admission and enrollment policies require applicants to submit a complete application form in order to be considered for admission.

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Beginning and Ending Dates of Application Periods

Frontier Schools requires applicants to submit a complete application form in order to be considered for admission. The application period begins on November 1st  and ends on February 1st. Parents can still apply after February 1st . If there is space in the grade level parent applied for, student will be accepted to the school. If there is no space available, student will be placed on a waiting list and we will call the applicant when a space is available.

Lottery Process

If capacity of the school is insufficient to enroll all pupils who submit a timely application at any grade level, a computerized lottery will be conducted. If the number of pupils from the applicant list is equal or less than the opening at a grade level, all applicants on that grade level will be admitted.

The principal or designee of each campus will conduct the computerized lottery, with supervision by the superintendent or designee from central office. This ensures that the admissions list and the waiting list are selected randomly. Results of the lottery shall be certified by a notary public.

The lottery software will fill randomly all available seats allowed by the enrollment cap and create a waiting list. As space becomes available, applicants will be called from the waiting list beginning with applicants with the lowest number assignment.

Frontier Schools has an exception for siblings who are twins, triplets, quadruplets etc. (multi-birth siblings) in that their names will be submitted under one entry in the lottery. Either all or none will be admitted depending on the random selection of the computer.

Admission Process of Returning Students

Returning students (students who currently attend Frontier Schools and intend to return the next school year) are exempted from the lottery if they notify the school of their intent to return for the next school year by the deadline established by Frontier Schools.

Siblings Policy and Children of the School’s Employees

Frontier Schools gives a preference for admission of children whose siblings enrolled at Frontier or whose parents are employed by Frontier.

(a). Children of the LEA teachers and staff (so long as the total number of students allowed constitutes less than five percent (5%) of the total enrollment) are exempt from lottery and boundary requirements, as permitted by federal guidance on the Charter Schools Program.

(b). Siblings of currently enrolled students at Frontier Schools will receive a preference at the time of the admission lottery. An application is still required and must be submitted before the deadline. “Sibling” shall mean a biological or legally adopted brother or sister residing in the same household as the applicant. Cousins, nieces, nephews and unrelated children sharing an address with the applicant are not siblings. Sibling enrollment is dependent on available space and does not guarantee enrollment of each listed sibling.

Applications that are submitted outside of the designated application period

If a student applies to the school outside of the designated application period, the student will be placed on a waiting list in the order of the date in which the application is received.

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