Dear Parents / Guardians;

Frontier Schools buildings will remain closed for the rest of the school year and students will continue to learn in their homes. Frontier will provide virtual instruction for our students.

Google Classroom

Frontier teachers will use Google Classroom, a streamlined and easy-to-use tool to provide virtual instruction to their students. With Google Classroom, educators can create classes, distribute assignments, track student progress to know where and when to give extra feedback and see everything in one place. Teachers and students can sign in from any computer or mobile device to access class assignments, course materials, and feedback. With Classroom tool and other resources shared by Frontier teachers, learning will take place outside of school buildings.

Device and Internet Connection

Frontier students will need a device (Chromebook or iPad) and internet connection for virtual learning. Parents were informed on the device check out process and many parents stopped by their child's school and picked up the devices. Read More...

If you were unable to do so, please contact your child’s school to learn how you can check out a device.

If you do not have internet connection at home, we will continue to share internet offers from various internet providers on our website. If you do not have internet and need additional assistance, please contact your child’s school.

Campus Virtual Instruction Plan and Grading Guidelines

Virtual Learning Grading Guidelines English Spanish Somali

Please visit your your child’s school website to learn more information about the virtual learning process and instruction plan (Go to and from the top menu, under “Schools”, choose your child’s school).

Students with Special Needs

Letter from Ms. Lindsay Harvey, Director of Special Education

Additional Resources for Parents and Students

Missouri DESE Parent Document: How to Support Student Learning at Home

With schools closing across the nation, many education companies have stepped forward and provided free or discounted online learning resources for students and educators. Frontier students are expected to complete their work provided by Frontier teachers first and then they may go to these useful online learning websites.

Food Service

Frontier will continue to provide breakfast
and lunch kits for the students enrolled in
Frontier on Wednesdays between
11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.